atransgenerational suffering

Epigenetics and Family Constellations

The study of epigenetics is beginning to shed light on the intricate ways our environment can shape our genes. This is important news, because the state of our genes influences our sense of wellbeing and health. Interestingly, it also shows how our experiences influence our genes. Most importantly, our experiences change our gene experssion, without altering the DNA sequence itself. Epigenetics looks at how biochemical changes, influenced by our physical, mental and emotional surroundings, can switch gene expression on or off. How we feel and behave in turn influences our overall state of health.
Unlike genetic mutations, which permanently alter the DNA, epigenetic changes are reversible and highly responsive to external factors. Both positive and negative factors effect our genes. Factors that contribute to alterations in the genetic expression, include diet, stress and trauma. Incredibly, these epigenetic shifts act as a biological memory of our experiences. These genetic memories are sensitive to the environemnt we live in and are passed on to the next generation. Therefore, they form a biological ‘proof’ that transgenerational suffering exists.

Epigenetics and Transgenerational Suffering

One of the most fascinating aspects of epigenetics is its transgenerational impact. Studies have shown that the epigenetic changes induced by our ancestors’ experiences—such as trauma, famine, or lifestyle choices—can be passed down through generations. This means that the legacy of our grandparents’ struggles and triumphs can influence our own genetic expression, affecting our susceptibility to certain diseases, our mental health, and even the way we feel and behave.

Epigenetics and Healing with Family Constellations

The findings of epigenetics are exciting for family constellation practitioners. Firstly, if genes can be ‘turned on’ through negative experiences or trauma, then it is also possible to ‘turn them off again’. This can be achieved, through a positive and healing experiences. Family constellations offer an opportunity for such a healing process to take place.

Furthermore, what if the cause of our suffering stems from entrenched family patterns shaped by epigenetic inheritance? Surely, if our suffering and challenges are not the result of our own actions or experiences alone, but belong to what happened to our ancestors, then they may not be ours to carry. Recognizing the role of epigenetics, and how we are connected to what our ancestors went through, is a first step to healing. As we do so, we can view ourselves, as well as our parents, with greater compassion and awareness. As a result, we can learn to acknowledge the profound connection between how we are feeling and our biological heritage from those who came before us.

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach that taps into the understanding of exactly this interconnectedness. It aims to reveal and address hidden dynamics within the family system that may affect an individual’s life and relationships. This profound process offers a path towards healing and more fulfilling relationships. It does so by helping people find new healing resolutions to unseen influences passed down through generations (inherited suffering). Family constellations can thus help individuals break free from negative patterns. Furthermore, this unique process can help foster a deeper sense of connection and harmony within family systems.

Family Constellations Training

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