A Heartfelt Welcome to

Family Constellations Journey



Our family constellations training journey has been born out of a deep love for systemic family constellations. Furthermore, we hold a vision of a world in which we meet and communicate with one another from the heart. We have all benefitted greatly from this beautiful, solution focused process ourselves. Now, we are privileged to pass on Bert Hellinger’s family constellations through our own family constellations training programs.  With over 25 years of experience in helping people heal holistically from deeply held trauma and other suffering, it is time to pass our knowledge on. Therefore, we are bringing our own flavour and expertise to Bert Hellinger’s approach of healing from inherited family patterns, through family constellations.

A Journey to the Heart offers a unique healing journey through our practitioner training in family constellations.

Our commitment is to accompany people on their own journey to their heart. As walk alongside you on this journey, we will help you reconnect with where they have come from. To us, this means making peace with what is, through the process of systemic family constellations.

If you would like to know what some of our students have said about this training, please look at the testimonials.

Would you like to become a family constellations practitioner?
Would you like to go on a deep personal healing journey?
Would you like to understand how unresolved trauma gets passed on?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, you are in the right place with a Journey To The Heart Family Constellations Training UK.

We offer 3 levels of family constellations training, both online and in person.

Our foundation training in family constellations UK is open for everyone with a yearning to learn more about this process. We will look at Bert Hellinger’s approach to ancestral healing and making peace with what is. You will also learn how to view the world through a systemic lens. Furthermore, you will discover how unresolved trauma from our ancestors can be passed down to us. Naturally, we will look at the healing movements to overcome inherited trauma.

In level 2, we delve deeper into the principles behind family constellations (including the orders of love). As we do so, we continue the personal healing journey.  Also, to develop the practitioner skills, there are 6 supervised practice days dedicated to practising leading group family constellations.

Level 1 and 2 are open to everyone who would like to come on this journey with us, for both personal and/or professional development.

Level 3 is for those who are setting up in practice as a family constellation therapist. It is therefore designed to offer support, mentoring and supervision for family constellations practitioners setting up in practice. For as long as you have completed a training in family constellations for practitioner equivalent to ours, you are welcome to join us here.


We would not have been able to put this family constellation training UK together, had it not been for what we have received from our wonderful teachers. We hope we do your teachings justice with this constellation program.

Bert Hellinger, founder of systemic family constellations

We are forever grateful to you for passing on family constellations to practitioners and facilitators all over the world. Understanding the orders of love in family constellations is guiding us all the way. Forever grateful.

Judith Hemming

For many years, we have had the big privilege of absorbing from you dear Judith. You are the most wonderful and inspiring teacher, and family constellations practitioner. Keeping the issues real and to the point, while adding a little humour are just a couple of your super strengths.  You remain a mentor, inspiration and supervisor to us. Having your blessing and support for this family constellations training, means the world to us!


Thank you for all the healing family constellations we have received from you. You have taught us so much about how unresolved trauma in family systems can be passed on. Furthermore, you have shown how we can heal ancestral wounds through family constellations. We always recommend your books on transgenerational healing, John Payne on our family constellation practitioner training.

Stephan Hausner

You were an inspiration from the start, not least because you too started off as a homeopath. Your workshops on how to work with symptoms through family constellations remain a highlight for us family constellations practitioners.

Sarah Peyton

What a beautiful soul and master of listening with compassion. You bring together neuroscience and family constellations in an accessible way for family constellations therapists. Your book Your Resonant Self, Sarah Peyton, remains a master piece.

Jutta ten Herkel

Your open heart and humility makes you shine. You have shown us how to keep family constellations simple. This in turn has taken the fear of making mistakes out of facilitating family constellations. What a relief!

Richard Wallstein

Thank you for going over the orders of love over and over again and stressing the importance of it for family constellations practitioners. We are also grateful for your continued reminders that we don’t always need to set up a constellation to heal.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of you for a while. Then, you set us free, to follow our heart and to create our own training in family constellations for practitioners that reflected us.

Our students and clients

We have been touched by and thus changed by every constellation we have ever been part of. Thank you, dear students and clients, for bringing your true self to us. Ultimately you have been our teachers.

Most important of all, our family!

Whatever fates and misfortunes you have suffered dear family and ancestors, no matter what happened during your life, we are here because we have received life through you! There is no greater gift than life and we will make it worth it!

May this family constellation training be a testimony to you!

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