Ancestral healing addresses the wounds passed down through generations due to unresolved ancestral trauma. It recognizes that when our ancestors experienced trauma that went unhealed, it lingers in the ancestral field. From there it passes on to subsequent generations and shapes our present experiences. Therefore, often it is also called trans-generational healing. What we have learnt from this, is that we’re not isolated individuals. Rather, we are embedded within a continuum of what our ancestors lived through. Ancestral healing acknowledges the immense influence of the past on our present reality.

The short answer is that everyone can benefit from trans-generational healing. Ancestral suffering implies that something suffered by our ancestors still needs healing, because it still has an effect. This is the case even if the person who suffered the original trauma died a long time ago and/or we never knew them. It appears that most of us carry a level of ancestral pain in us.  We are all affected by the unresolved suffering in our ancestral line, whether we know about the events or not. In fact, the more hidden and shameful our ancestor’s suffering was, the more likely it is that it remains unresolved and therefore influencing us in some unconscious way. Until someone is courageous enough to take a closer look and heals the ancestor’s pain, families may carry unresolved ancestral trauma across many generations.

Family Constellations is a unique and effective process that we use to reveal the intricate connections among family members. Through this process we bring to light the hidden dynamics that we carry from our ancestors. They further seek healing resolutions for our ancestors and ourselves. Family Constellations acknowledge our inter-connectedness. They value being fully seen and the need to belong, despite past circumstances. Through rituals, movements, and sentences family constellations aim to heal inherited ancestral pain.

Therefore, every family constellation offers an opportunity to heal ancestral suffering that has been stuck in our family field. Every time we heal something in our ancestral line, we heal ourselves and set those who will follow us (our children and grandchildren) free too.

Ancestral healing reminds us of the profound interplay of love, pain, and understanding that flows through the veins of our family tree, shaping who we are and who we can become. Ancestral healing carries hope. Through this process we can transform ancestral suffering. As we heal ancestral healing, we can turn what happened before into a source of strength and resilience.

For an in-depth understanding of trans-generational healing through family constellations, we offer 3 levels of training in family constellations in Surrey. If you are living further away, check out our online training.


I will be forever grateful to Bert Hellinger and all my teachers, for passing on the most valuable tool of family constellation that achieves ancestral healing so masterfully! Thank you.

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