ONLINE INTERNATIONAL Family Constellation Training Programmes

We are delighted to be offering 3 Levels of ONLINE Training FOR PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

People from all walks of life, with a yearning to study and experience the wonders of family constellations and what lies behind them, are welcome on our training programmes. Be it for personal or professional reasons, if you are drawn to this work and want to engage with it more deeply, we will be delighted to share this journey with you.

    We are currently offering 3 levels of ONLINE training in for people all over the world:

    1. Level 1: ONLINE Foundation Training: emphasis on core principles of this work applied to one-to-one work
    2. Level 2: ONLINE Practitioner Training: emphasis on deepening and widening the field in which this work can be applied, and applied to group constellations. (Participants need to have completed the Foundation Training or equivalent to apply for this course)
    3. Level 3: ONLINE Supervised Practice and Mentoring for practictioners in practice: starting in 2024

    Level 1: The Foundation Training forms a sound basis of the principles of family constellations, applied to one-to-one work. For more information about the Foundation Training, see here

    Level 2: The Practitioner Training builds on the Foundation Training and takes participants to a deeper level of understanding, while also widening the application of this work. Practitioner development will be in relation to holding group constellations. For more information about the Practitioner Training, see here

    Level 3: The Clinical Practice Year is for those who have completed level 1 and 2 (or equivalent) and are setting up in practice. Level 3 provides a whole year of supervision, mentorship, practitioner development and clinical application. The aim of the clinical practice year is to assist participants in becoming safe, sound and ethical practitioners of this work . They will be supported and guided to ensure they mature into safe professionals.

    If you have any other questions about our ONLINE Family Constellations Training UK,

    please do not hesitate to contact Marilene on +44 7785 772 912 or by email