Why Come On This Journey With Us?

This course has been born out of a deep love for this work and a vision of life where we meet and communicate with people from the heart. Although this training is deeply embedded in the knowledge that has been passed down to us through Bert Hellinger and all our other beautiful teachers, it has our own energy woven into it with the aim to support all of our participants to internalise the teachings and then create their own unique application thereof – one that expresses them as a unique human being.

It is with much gratitude to all teachers, who have passed on their commitment and knowledge of this work.

Be part of this journey with us:

We are extremely passionate about systemic family constellations work

We want to empower others by passing on what’s been a transformative journey for ourselves, our families and our working life

We are committed to a world that communicates from an open heart

We come from a place of integrated family systems and it is our heart’s desire to make this work more widely available

We believe in learning in a small group, so we have enough time for attention to the individual


learn in a small group

receive personal support through one-to-one sessions

practice family constellations through application of what has been taught (with practical days solely dedicated to deepen the learning)

experiential learning through time for your own development and personal work through exercises, inner process work and small group family constellations

develop both personally and professionally

If you have any other questions about our Family Constellations Training UK,

please do not hesitate to contact Marilene on 07785 772 912 or by email


Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash