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The Knowing Field

The Knowing Field is currently the only international English-language journal available on constellation work.

International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA)









What are Systemic Constellations?

A 2-minute explanation of Family Constellations

Introduction to Family Constellations with Brigitte Sztab

A beautiful explanation of how family constellations can reconnect you to your heart and what happens when we live with an open heart.

It didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn

Mark Wolynn, director of The Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco, is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. He talk about how we relive our mother’s anxiety, repeat our father’s disappointments and replicate the failed relationships of our parents and grandparents…. He talk about his personal journey how he healed himself by healing his own trauma and reconnecting to whre he came from (his parents).

How To Heal Your Family (article)

Balancing Act (article from the Guardian)

A pioneering scheme helps children to see the classroom as a place where family and society meet