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What Will I Know At The End of the Foundation Training?

We are whole-heartedly committed to delivering the foundations of family constellations, so that, by the end of the foundation training, you have the background to start applying it in one-to-one settings. We will familiarise you with principles of family constellations, as taught by Bert Hellinger, with a little bit of our own flavour added. We will take you, step by step, through the process of setting up a constellation. This includes how to conduct the initial interview to gather the necessary information, deciding what to set up, reading the constellation and how to work with the field.You will also learn about the orders of love of family constellations and how to apply them to one to one settings.  Naturally, your readiness to practise, will also depend on your engagement in this field outside of the foundtaion training. The more you read, attend workshops and practise outside the modules, the more familiar you will become with this work at a deep level.

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Why Is the Emphasis of The Foundation Training on One-To-One work?

Holding a group constellation from the beginning can be overwhelming and is often unhelpful. Even when the training concentrates on running groups from the beginning, the reality is, that students are only just getting ready to practice safely in groups after level 2. Therefore, we have decided to be honest about this aspect of the training and name it as such. We find students have left more confidently, with this structure. Level 2 students have also progressed quicker and more confidently following this approach. There will be plenty of time dedicated to facilitating groups in level 2, with 6 days of pure supervised practice, so you won’t lose out!

How big/small are the groups?

We very much enjoy working in small groups and giving attention to the individual learning journey. Therefore, we are accepting no more than 8 participants per cohort.

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What Qualification Will I Get At The End of your Training?

In line with Bert Hellinger’s view to see family constellations more as a vocation, and a skill we develop within, it makes it difficult to assess. Anyone can offer family constellations as it is not a protected name. our aim is to put each participant in touch with themselves and develop ethical practitioners who know their true gift and offer it to the outside world accordingly.

We do issue each participant with a certificate of attendance at the end of each level.

We are also in the process of looking at creating a register for students who have completed level 3, and who we are happy to recommend on.