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“This training has changed my life. Marilene’s gentle yet firm approach has allowed incredible release and growth. I am a different person now than I was a year ago, I understand myself more, I have a better relationship, I connect with my children better, I am more curious about the world and less angry/scared. Family Constellations truly is a gift for the world and Marilene is a compassionate and inspiring teacher. Highly recommended.”  JS

“I have had the privilege of knowing Marilene Metzler for over 10 years as a homeopath, friend and tutor. I jumped at the chance to train with her and have found the two years life changing for myself and family. Marilene creates a perfect learning environment where you feel safe, held and seen individually. Whether for your career or pure self development I would recommend this course to anyone.” Wendy Fender-Hay

“Training with Marilene has been (and still is!) the most incredible experience. The work of constellations is so incredibly deep, diverse and healing and Marilene has facilitated, supported and nurtured my learning and personal development professionally, sincerely and with an ever-flowing fountain of knowledge and wisdom. The last year has been the most transformative period of my life, predominantly due to – and driven by – this work, with Marilene’s support” HA