personalLevel 1:

Family Constellation Foundation Training


Based on our belief that being a sound practitioner requires a combination of knowledge, skill and personal experience, the Foundation Training will take participants on a journey that develops exactly that. Along the way, we will cover the topics below.

All of this will be passed on through a mixture of teaching, personal work, exercises and supervised practice. We reserve the right to adjust the content of the course to meet the needs of the participants


The Level 1 curriculum follows the journey from the beginning, to growing up (child – adult relationship) to being adult (intimate adult relationships) to facing endings and death.


Bert Hellinger

A holistic Model of Health

Introduction to Family constellations and it’s 5 underpinning principles

1. Solution-focused

2. Facts versus story

3. The Knowing Field

4. System versus individual

5. Working with the unfolding phenomenon

Growing up

Taking life as it is given

Parent-Child Dynamics

Bonding and Belonging

Reaching Out Movement

Complaints about parents

The way we see our parents

Growing up and the stories we create

The orders of love in relation to parent-child relationships



Adult relationships

Issues to attend to in couples

How to support couples from a systemic point of view


Endings and death and what this entails

Facing our own fate and that of those we love

 Interwoven with the above, you will also learn about:


Blind love

‘Reading’ constellations

The process of a constellation

Different types of constellations

Language and how to use it effectively

Field makes space for new ones to arrive

Conscience in relation to the orders of love

Feelings (primary, secondary and meta feelings)

Understanding fate in the context of systemic thinking

Different constellation movements and how to use them

Familiarisation and internalisation of the Orders of Love

The role of healing sentences and their place in the constellation process

The importance of communicating with the language that touches the soul

How to conduct the ‘initial interview’ and how to begin a systemic piece of work

This training also includes practitioner development:



Without intent

In tune with what is

In service of the client

Moving into our heart space

Communication without words

Working with the Knowing Field

Helping the client integrate the constellation

Practitioner stance and how to get out of the way

Learning to understand, trust and work with a phenomenological approach

We allocate plenty of time for practising the above during the training

 Naturally we cannot truly integrate all of the above unless we have healed ourselves:

Therefore this training is not just an intellectual passing down of information.

This training takes its participants onto a journey of self healing and making peace with what is in their field, through exercises, contemplation and a slow pace that allows for integration of the material covered.

 Ultimately we will learn about:

What opens the heart and what closes the heart of the system


A majority of the learning journey will be experiential, giving time to internalise the movements and orders of this work

We value all the experiences that participants bring to their learning journey

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If you have any other questions about our Family Constellations Training UK,

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